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“It was so exiting watching thousands of wildebeest crossing the serengeti, it was an experience of its own, never seen such a thing before, just in Tanzania, just with Ipam Safaris.”

--- Colms Coleman---

CEO Ceba Company

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There are many opportunities to go on vacation in Africa. However, you may want to consider some of the Safari and beach holidays in Tanzania that we offer. We are Africa safari specialists with many years of experience.

In addition to being able to provide cheap holidays to Africa safari, we are also extremely pleased that our tailor-made safaris can be customized to suit your needs.

Just imagine how much fun you will have getting away from your usual work environment and having great fun. The reason why Tanzania offers so many opportunities for beach and relaxation holidays is because the country is located on the East side of Africa. As a result, you can not only go on a safari, but you also have the opportunity to spend time at the beach.Beach and Relaxation Holidays

We have access and offer a variety of beach safari deals for you to choose from as we're becoming the preferred tour operators in East Africa. We are uniquely positioned to provide our guests with a wide array of Tanzania activities and Tanzania top experiences. This can range from particpating in sport activities, cruises in Zanzibar, lakeside dinning, scheduling cultural visits for you and your group to providing you with access to a gym facility you can use for exercise. For our business minded guest too, business centers are available so you may continue working to keeping close contacts whilst on safari.

Far too many people make the mistake of assuming that scheduling a trip to Africa will be difficult or challenging. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you speak to one of our dedicated travel consultants, you'll have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you would like. We are here to help you in to resolve any problems that may occur.
Tanzania Beach Holidays

Many of our guests are extremely pleased with the experience that they have. In fact, we will like to invite you to contact us directly should you have any questions about planning a potential visit the Tanzania. We can often answer simple questions right away, we are more than happy to do additional research to get you the answers that you need to more complex questions.

You owe it to yourself to consider finally taking some time off and going on a vacation. We are extremely confident that we can provide you with a very high level of service that will make you extremely happy!