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“It was so exiting watching thousands of wildebeest crossing the serengeti, it was an experience of its own, never seen such a thing before, just in Tanzania, just with Ipam Safaris.”

--- Colms Coleman---

CEO Ceba Company

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Why Tanzania

The great reasons are almost too many to list but not only is Tanzania one of the safest and most politically stable regions on the African continent it is also home to the amazing well known destinations you probably even learned about as a child – the sprawling Serengeti Plains, the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the fascinating Ngorongoro Crater and the historic, exotic and fabled islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago.

In addition to these well-known destinations the country as a whole simply offers the finest African safari and African holiday experiences to people of all tastes on the continent. Tanzania is a place that offers unique experiences for wildlife enthusiasts, history buffs, photography fans and beach lovers.

In addition to the huge number of natural wonders that Tanzania offers it is also a land that is rich in cultural diversity and boasts some of the most spectacular architecture – and historical ruins – that can be found in Africa. Complement all of this with the warmth and friendliness of her citizens and Tanzania really is a land that offers all the best characteristics of Africa in a single country and a place that will offer more than a holiday you'll love it will give you wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

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