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“It was so exiting watching thousands of wildebeest crossing the serengeti, it was an experience of its own, never seen such a thing before, just in Tanzania, just with Ipam Safaris.”

--- Colms Coleman---

CEO Ceba Company

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There is a variety of accommodation available in Tanzania ranging from the luxurious lodges plus tented camps to the mid-range lodges plus beach resorts that offer double rooms having air conditioning plus private bathrooms. For the top-notch market, Tanzania today offers some wonderful accommodation.

The term 'luxury hotel' means something very different in Tanzania. While there are some more traditional hotels, especially in Zanzibar, that offer the kind of Westernized luxury that those on an Tanzania holiday might be used to there are also wildlife lodges – mainly located in the National Parks – that offer sumptuous luxury done African style with all the luxuries and conveniences of modern living in a setting that is uniquely Tanzanian.

In addition to these luxurious accommodations there are excellent guesthouses that offer comfortable rooms and the basic comforts of home without straying too far from the idea of offering a real experience of African bush living for those on any kind of Tanzania holiday, whether they are intending to see the land by car, on foot, by air, by water or a combination of them all.

For those on a Tanzanian safari adventure traditional style living in huts and rondavels are also popular and tend to be very budget friendly places to stay, as are the many campsites available in all of the National Parks and designated conservation areas, some of which only offer the most basic of amenities so that travelers can experience a more authentic style of Tanzanian living first hand.